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what we do

DNA Evolution builds custom software for business. We take a business need and then design, build and support a fully-integrated (and often web-based) solution. Taking a complex problem or process and delivering a simple yet sophisticated solution. That's the hard bit. But it's what we pride ourselves on doing better than anyone else.

The client need drives which technology platform is used, but usually our solutions are web based and have databases (like Microsoft SQL or MySQL) at their core. The pages delivered in our software applications are easy to use, intuitive and help users to simply get the job done. If you are one for the detail then PHP, .NET, Javascript, jQuery, Ajax and Flash, are the sort of programming techniques we rely on to do what we do.

Although we love data and customised software, we are not your typical geeks. We get to the point. We focus on cost-effective business outcomes, not flashy or clever functions. Technology is purely the enabler to improve business. We get that!

Oh, and we also often find ourselves building websites. We work with a number of graphic designers who like to do the "pretty stuff". We take on the role of builder, especially when the site needs a database behind the scenes, or if there is complexity beyond what the designers are capable of, or that they want to do.

what we do
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